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CNC machining techniques at ORION


ORION CNC has a modern and efficient machine park with different metalworking techniques, which processes your work pieces reliably and with high precision in the desired quality, even in complex shapes.

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With our 4-axis vertical milling machine, we are able to process workpieces with dimensions of up to 1000x500x500 mm. With our turning-milling center we process workpieces with a dimension of up to Ø250 х600 mm.



With our die-sinking machine, we can process workpieces up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm. Our CNC EDM wire cutting machine processes workpieces up to a dimension of 550х350х300 mm.



Manual ToolRoom lathes for precise turning work up to a dimension of Ø510 mm x 3000 mm or Ø1080 mm x 500 mm.



In our machine park you will find a surface grinding machine (working area up to 1000x350x500 mm), a cylindrical grinding machine (working area up to outside Ø295/inside Ø30х750) and a sharpening or tool grinding machine (working area 200 x 500 x 250 mm)


Vertical planer

Our vertical planer processes workpieces with a dimension of 400 – 500 mm.


Rotary drilling

With our rotary drilling machine, we create your bores with a diameter of …. to … mm

2 x CNC vertical milling center M500-3 axis – 500x500x1000

a CNC vertical milling center DMN500 DOOSAN-3 axes – 400x800x500

1x Swiss lathe – CITIZEN – F20x60

Electric Welding | Cut

Technology for precise metal cutting techniques



for metal-inert and metal-active welding with CO² gas. Our machines weld with 250 or 450 amps.


Arc welding with handheld device

Our tool park has 4 manual devices for arc welding, each with 140 | 180 amps DC and 200 | 324 amps AC or DC.


CEBORA TIG welding

With CEBORA TIG, we weld workpieces with 250 amperes of alternating or direct current.


WELD TIG welding

AC and DC welding at 350 amps.


Plasma cutting

Our machine park includes a plasma cutting device for sheet metal thicknesses of up to 20 mm.


Spot welding

With this technology we can spot weld 3×3 mm.

1 x CNC Laserjet MUTSUBISHI ML3015GX-F40 – 1500×3000

    Fig.: high-precision laser cutting device in our machine park

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